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Parker is a 29yo indie author and artist based in New Mexico

A Realm of Flame and Ruin

Parker's debut novel!

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About Parker

Parker Terrato is an accomplished author whose lifelong passion for reading and writing fantasy stories has shaped their remarkable literary journey. From a young age, Parker immersed themselves in the enchanting worlds of magic and adventure, nurturing a deep love for the genre that continues to inspire their work.During a challenging period marked by personal trauma, Parker found solace and strength within the pages of their imagination. It was during this time that they penned their debut novel, "A Realm of Flame and Ruin," a captivating tale that reflects not only their creative prowess but also their resilience and ability to overcome adversity.Residing in the picturesque landscapes of New Mexico, Parker draws inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds them, infusing their writing with a vivid sense of place. The desert vistas and vibrant cultures of their home state often find their way into their narratives, lending a unique and authentic flavor to their storytelling.In addition to their literary pursuits, Parker finds immense joy and fulfillment in their role as a partner and parent. With a loving family that includes two children and a menagerie of pets, they embrace the everyday wonders of life and allow these experiences to shape their perspective and fuel their creativity.With each new work, Parker Terrato continues to captivate readers with their immersive storytelling, richly developed characters, and evocative prose. Their writing explores themes of resilience, redemption, and the indomitable power of the human spirit, resonating deeply with readers from all walks of life.As Parker's literary journey unfolds, their dedication to crafting unforgettable tales remains unwavering. Through their words, readers are transported to fantastical realms, guided by a gifted storyteller who weaves magic and emotion into every page.In the realm of fantasy literature, Parker Terrato has emerged as a rising star, offering readers an escape into worlds of wonder and imagination. With their passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to their craft, they continue to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of readers, inviting them on transformative journeys that will be cherished for years to come.

A Realm of flames and ruin

A Realm of Flame and Ruin is Parker's debut book.Keir always knew she’d end up dead, however being chased through the cold, dark forest wasn’t exactly how she’d imagined it. She was even more surprised when Alvara, Lady of the Court of Flames showed up to rescue her taking her deep into fae territory.
With the war between the five fae courts just on the horizon, Keir and Alvara will have to both navigate their traumatic pasts and the battlefield as they work together to get revenge and to save the people they love.
Out Now!

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